300kVA Automatic Servo Controlled Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer

300kVA Automatic Servo Controlled Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer

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Rating:300 kVA, 3 Phase, 4 Wire
Output Current:433 Amps per phase
Input Voltage Range:280V to 460V, 47Hz to 63Hz, 4 Wire
Output Voltage:400V +/- 1%
Duty Cycle:Continuous 24x7
Wave form Distortion:Nil
Response Time:Less than 10ms
Suitability:Suitable for all power factor loads
Cooling:Natural air Cooled
Installation:Indoor type
Degree of Protection:IP-30
No Load Loss:Less than 0.4%
Correction Speed:Faster than 15V per sec.
Input / Output Termination:Copper Bus Bar
Winding & Wiring Material:Copper EC grade (99.9% Pure)
Technology:Torridly wound Variable Auto Transformer for linear control and greater efficiency.
Drive:Direct AC drive for fastest voltage correction and durability
Controls:All the three phases controlled individually for better voltage and load management.
Applicable Standard:IS 9815

:ISO 9001-2015 , ISO 14001-2015
International Marking:CE Conformity EN61558-1:2005+A1:2009

 Optional Protections

  • Overload Cut-Off and Short Circuit Protection.
  • Low/High Voltage (out of input range) Alarm or Cut-Off.
  • Phase Missing / Phase Reversal Alarm or Cut-Off.

Optional Features 

Digital Multifunction Meter. Manual Bypass & Auto Phase Correction

Salient Features

  • IC based solid-state, relay less, plug in control cards for easy online serviceability.
  • Output voltage adjustable ± 6% of set voltage from front panel.
  • Meters on front panel for easy monitoring of input and output voltage along with limit indicators.
  • Provision for Auto / Manual control from the front panel.
  • Wide ambient temperature operation from -20oC to 50oC.
  • Due to new innovations & improvements the technical specifications are subject to change.